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Helping Victims Of Work-Related Leg Injuries

Any leg injury can prevent you from doing your job, especially if it involves physical labor, standing or walking. Whether you break your leg, injure the knee or strain the soft tissue, you may be unable to perform your job duties for weeks or months.

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Berger & Michelena provides help to injured workers in the Los Angeles area. We understand that you may have trouble getting the medical care you need. You can rely on our experience with the Los Angeles workers’ compensation system.

Broken Bones And Repetitive Trauma Injuries

Overuse and repetitive motions are common in jobs that require lifting or carrying heavy objects, driving a large vehicle, operating heavy equipment and walking on uneven surfaces. Over time, these activities can injure the muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and nerves. A cumulative trauma injury can cause sensations of pain, burning, tingling and numbness as well as a reduced range of motion.

A traumatic accident can cause soft tissues to tear and bones to break. We can help you with claims for injuries such as:

  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears
  • Torn meniscus
  • Thigh and lower leg fractures
  • Fractured kneecap

A broken bone may mean months in a cast as well as rehabilitative therapy after the cast comes off. Complex leg fractures may require surgery to repair the break. In the most catastrophic cases, amputation of all or part of the leg may be necessary.

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