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Were You Fired From Your Job Because Of A Work-Related Injury?

Berger & Michelena in Los Angeles advises and represents injured workers from beginning to end of workplace injury cases — including when it is time to go back to work. Most employers are aware that it is illegal to retaliate against an employee who has been injured on the job.

Fired because of a workplace injury? That is illegal. Call us. We can help: 213-624-9999.

We take a thorough approach to the challenge of helping our clients, starting with guiding them through the necessary processes, including:

  • Reporting your injury to your employer (as soon as possible after injury or after you receive a diagnosis)
  • Determining which doctor you can see (Do you have the right to consult with your own doctor or do you have to go to a doctor assigned by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer?)
  • Evaluating the facts of your case to determine whether you may also have a third-party liability claim
  • Taking action if your employer wrongfully discharges you

When it is necessary, the workers’ compensation lawyers at Berger & Michelena assist clients in filing claims against workers’ compensation insurance carriers. In addition, we can help if your employer wronged you through retaliatory discharge.

Berger & Michelena Helps Injured Workers In Los Angeles

After being fired because of a work injury, you should have your case evaluated by an experienced attorney. Perhaps your case involves some other type of unlawful retaliation such as disability-related issues. Has your employer kept you on the job but retaliated by way of a demotion or pay cut? We urge you to contact an experienced workplace injury lawyer at Berger & Michelena. Contact an attorney at Berger & Michelena for advice on the most reasonable response.

Did your doctor release you to return to your job with the recommendation that you take on lighter duties than before — but your employer did not cooperate? Has your employer failed to make reasonable accommodations to account for any disability you have because of your previous workplace injury? You may have reason to report your employer for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This may ultimately lead to a successful lawsuit against your employer.

What If Your Employer Wrongfully Terminates You Or Otherwise Retaliates? — Contact Us

Were you fired because of a work injury? Or did your employer retaliate in some other way? For a free consultation with a workplace injury attorney, please call 213-624-9999 or toll free at 800-488-4813. You may also contact us online for a prompt response.