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Have You Been Injured At Your Workplace?

For almost 50 years, Berger & Michelena has fought on behalf of injured workers who have been unjustly denied their right to workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys have represented injured workers from all walks of life and across class and racial boundaries. The one factor uniting all of our clients is an injury at work that has been ignored or neglected by the very people who are supposed to be helping our clients to heal: insurance companies, employers and medical professionals.

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Types Of Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Berger & Michelena has experience with a vast array of work-related injuries involving all parts of the human body:

  • Back: Back injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries.
  • Neck: Some neck injuries are so severe, they lead to paralysis.
  • Spine: Injuries to the spine are often life-changing.
  • Shoulders and arms: Even in the relative safety of an office environment, injuries to the shoulders and arms can occur, especially when the injury is due to repetitive motion.
  • Hand: Severely injuring a hand can stop a career; for example, it can prohibit a concert pianist from playing the piano
  • Lifting injuries: Lifting heavy boxes at work can cause injuries.
  • Knee: A simple twist in the wrong direction is sometimes all it takes to injure a knee.
  • Brain: Traumatic brain injury (TBI) can occur when there is a severe blow to the brain.
  • Bulging and herniated disks: Bulging and herniated disks can cause a lifetime of pain.
  • Amputations: This is when an injury is so severe that a body part – like a leg – has to be removed, or “amputated.”
  • Hearing injury: Although there are regulations governing the maximum level of noise in a workplace, hearing injuries still do occur.
  • Burn injury: Burn injuries have many causes, including chemical, electrical and fire.
  • Broken bones: These injuries can take months to heal properly, if they do at all.
  • Psychiatric injuries: Although psychiatric injuries are not as visible as a wound on the body, this wound of the mind is no less severe.

Our attorneys also have a commanding knowledge of the more difficult workers’ compensation injuries that other firms may find too expensive or too difficult to take on. Some of these difficult claims include workplace-related: worry and stress, lack of sleep, hernias, brain injuries, sexual dysfunction and paralysis.

Work Injuries Affect Everyone

People from all walks of life get injured on the job and the firm has advised many, including health care workers, bus drivers, food service employees, lawyers, doctors and even judges.

No matter what your work-related injury, whether it’s a back injury or paralysis, and no matter what your occupation, the lawyers at Berger & Michelena will know how to counsel you on your case. Their deep experience allows them to provide you with a lean and efficient case that maximizes the likelihood of success while minimizing your expense.

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