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Understanding Lifetime Medical Care

Many people do not understand the extent of benefits available to them under the workers’ compensation laws. Many times, this lack of understanding is directly attributable to the efforts made by representatives of insurance companies and employers to prevent workers from understanding these rights. Do not rely on the insurance companies and employers to help you defend your rights. They are already too busy defending their own interests. Instead, call Berger & Michelena. We will help you understand your workers’ compensation benefits and get you the medical care you need.

If your workplace injury requires ongoing medical care, you are entitled to lifetime medical benefits under workers’ compensation. To find out more, call us: 800-488-4813.

Can You Obtain Lifetime Benefits?

One of the most misunderstood benefits provided by workers’ compensation law is the lifetime pension. According to the mathematical calculations made as provided for by the workers’ compensation laws, if your injury disables you to a certain level, you will receive a lifetime pension.

The difficulty, of course, is that you will be fought hard every step of the way if you pursue your workers’ compensation lifetime pension benefit. Very specific evidence must be gathered to support your case. An experienced lawyer can help you make sure they gather the evidence you need to make your case convincing.

The lawyers of Berger & Michelena have more than 100 years of combined legal experience helping people gain access to their workers’ compensation benefits. We understand that our injured clients need both legal, technical expertise AND compassion and understanding for their needs. The fact that their needs are being unjustly denied motivates us to fight even harder to make sure our clients are protected from the people attempting to deny them their rights.

In particular, be very careful of insurance or employer representatives who attempt to “negotiate” with you in order to get your medical treatment closed. Many clients do not know about their rights to a lifetime pension. And the representatives of the insurance companies and employers do not tell them. Therefore, be sure to see an attorney from Berger & Michelena as soon as you can. One of our firm’s attorneys can act on your behalf and knowledgeably manage the representatives who are working so hard to deny you your medical treatment.

Contact An Experienced Lawyer

For an entirely confidential free initial consultation regarding your legal problems, call our California workers’ compensation law firm at 800-488-4813. You can also schedule your appointment with a workers’ compensation lawyer from our office by contacting us online.