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Workers’ Compensation For Work-Related Back Injuries

Back injuries are one of the most common causes of pain in adults. Whether you have a lumbar strain or fractured vertebrae, the pain may make it impossible to perform your work duties or care for yourself or your family. If your back pain was caused by a work injury, you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

If you suffer from a work-related back injury, please call the workers’ compensation lawyers at Berger & Michelena to schedule your free consultation. Call: 800-488-4813.

Speak with a lawyer at Berger & Michelena about your back injury. We can help you apply for workers’ compensation or fight a denied claim. In addition, we may be able to file a personal injury suit against a third party responsible for your injury.

A Back Injury Can Keep You From Working

A traumatic accident such as a fall or a work-related car accident can cause a back or spinal cord injury. However, many back injuries are caused by cumulative trauma from repetitive motions such as lifting and bending. People who stand on hard or uneven surfaces for long periods can also develop back problems.

Regardless of the cause of your back injury, the result may be chronic pain. Back pain can spread to other parts of the body such as the neck, arms and legs. The pain can limit your range of motion and make it difficult to sit, walk or stand. Mobility may also be limited by stiffness, numbness and tingling.

The most severe back injuries involve the spine and spinal cord. Broken vertebrae and herniated or ruptured disks often cause severe pain that requires prescription pain medication and/or surgery. In either case, you will be unable to work and will need TTD benefits as well as medical benefits.

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