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Make Sure You Get The Medical Care You Need

Even when injured workers receive workers’ compensation, they may not get the medical care they need. If you are not getting adequate medical treatment or are being forced to return to work before your injury has healed, we can help you fight back.

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At Berger & Michelena, about 75% of our clients contact us because they are not getting good medical care from the workers’ compensation doctor or clinic. This is a very common problem in Los Angeles, but with our help, you can take action. Please call our office at 800-488-4813 to schedule a free consultation with one of our workers’ compensation lawyers.

We Can Help You See Doctors Who Understand Your Conditions

When you report your injury to your employer, oftentimes they send you to their company clinic for treatment. The clinic may be U.S. HealthWorks or Concentra Medical Center. Even though they may not admit this to you, the doctors are often on the side of the insurance company. Depending on the doctor you see, you may be told to go back to work sooner than you are able. This may happen because the doctor is more interested in pleasing the insurance company than providing you with good medical care.

Some doctors are better for workers than others. We know which doctors are not on the side of the insurance companies. You need a doctor who is experienced with writing workers’ compensation reports and who can explain your problems in such a way to convince the judge what your true disability is.

We refer clients to appropriate doctors. Because our firm has been serving the Los Angeles area for more than 50 years, we know the workers’ compensation medical networks and physicians.

Contact Us To Discuss Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Medical Treatment And Bills

For a free consultation with a Los Angeles workers’ compensation attorney, please call 800-488-4813 or contact us online.