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What Compensation Is Available After An Amputation?

If you suffered on-the-job injuries leading to an amputation, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You may also be able to collect additional compensation if a negligent third party was involved. Because the losses associated with amputations are considerable, you may need additional compensation.

If you lost a limb in a workplace accident, call us. We can help. We are the experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Berger & Michelena: 800-488-4813.

Berger & Michelena provides experienced representation to injured workers in the Los Angeles area. Our lawyers can help you through the workers’ compensation process from start to finish, even if your claim has been denied. We also file separate personal injury claims against negligent third parties.

You Will Need Adequate Compensation After An Amputation

While workers in any occupation can suffer an injury that causes an amputation, certain jobs place workers at increased risk, including manufacturing jobs, construction and warehouse jobs.

Amputation surgery is just the first step in a long recovery. When people lose a hand, foot or limb, they will also need long-term medical care that may include pain management for wound pain and phantom pain. Many people experience depression and other mood disorders after an amputation. They may require physical and occupational therapy, as well as psychological counseling.

An injury resulting in an amputation will have long-term effects on the injury victim and his or her family. Returning to work and performing daily tasks may not be possible. Caring for oneself may be difficult until new skills are learned. The cost of medical treatment after an amputation is enormous. We work with medical and financial experts to calculate the past and future cost of your medical bills and other losses so we can fight for the full amount of compensation you need.

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