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Compensation For On-The-Job Electrical Injuries

Berger & Michelena represents workers who have suffered electrical injuries as well as surviving family members following electrocution deaths in the workplace. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are prepared to assist you as you seek your rightful benefits, including:

  • Medical care
  • Temporary disability benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Death benefits for dependent spouses, children or parents

Suffer an electrical injury at work? Call us; we can help. We are the electrical injury attorneys at Berger & Michelena: 800-488-4813.

In addition to helping our clients collect workers’ compensation benefits, we evaluate electrical injuries on the job to determine whether a third party – not the employer – had some responsibility in the incident.

Was power equipment defective? Did a subcontractor’s negligence lead to the circumstances that caused the accident? If so, you may have a basis to bring a third-party liability claim against a negligent manufacturer or any other person or company. Our personal injury lawyers can help you recover what you deserve through a workers’ compensation claim or from other sources after an electrical workplace injury.

Electrical Injuries Can Become Lasting Disabilities

Whether you file a personal injury lawsuit or make a claim for workers’ comp benefits such as temporary disability benefits, we want to caution you not to settle or consider your case over prematurely. Many people who have suffered from electric shock have discovered that lasting nerve damage does not become readily apparent until some time has gone by. You might pursue emergency medical care for your burns but not realize that you also suffered some nerve damage that will only become apparent over time.

If you do have a lasting disability stemming from your electrical injury, our attorneys can help ensure that you keep open the option of compensation for future medical treatment.

Electrocuted On The Job? We Can Help.

For a free consultation with a Los Angeles County workers’ comp attorney, please call 800-488-4813 or contact us online.