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Lawyers Helping Clients Suffering From Work-Related Neck Injuries

A neck injury can cause chronic pain throughout the neck and shoulders. It can also cause severe headaches. The pain can reach into the arms, hips and legs, making it impossible to perform basic tasks such as grasping, pulling, lifting or bending. You may also be unable to stand, sit, walk or sleep without pain.

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The lawyers at Berger & Michelena understand how much a neck injury can affect your life and your ability to work. Even if your employer or the insurance company doctor thinks that you should be able to work, you have the right to have your doctor determine whether you are actually ready to return to your job. If your injury prevents you from working, we will fight for workers’ comp benefits for you.

Is Neck Pain Keeping You From Returning To Work?

Whether you injured a muscle, ligament, tendon, spinal disk, spinal nerve or vertebrae, you may suffer temporary and permanent disability. Neck injuries that involve the cervical spine and spinal cord may cause chronic pain, numbness and tingling, or muscle weakness. In the worst cases, paraplegia or quadriplegia may be the result.

Work accidents such as a fall or a car accident can injure the neck. Any accident with sufficient force can cause your head to move back and forth rapidly, injuring your neck.

We will investigate your workplace accident to determine whether an additional third-party lawsuit is possible. A third-party suit allows you to collect additional damages for your losses, including compensation for pain and suffering, from a negligent party that is not your employer.

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