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Man loses arm in workplace injury

There are some injuries in the workplace that are more gruesome than others. One of the most horrific workplace injuries is when a person loses an appendage. This can be particularly tragic since this type of injury will permanently affect every aspect of a victim's life. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened in a recent workplace injury that occurred outside the state of California that resulted in one worker being severely injured

The accident, which happened one morning in late February, resulted in a worker having his arm severed. According to police reports, the incident occurred at approximately 11:20 a.m. The 40-year-old victim was taken to a local hospital. As of the latest reports, the man's condition was considered critical.

Nurses at high risk for workplace injury

When most California residents think about high risk occupations, they imagine fields such as construction and manufacturing. While these can certainly be dangerous places of employment, research suggests that these types of jobs do not top the list in rates of workplace injury. Nursing is believed to hold that dubious honor, according to The American Nurses Association.

It is believed that as many as eight out of 10 nurses report having worked while experiencing some form of back or joint pain. One reason why so many nurses are injured on the job may be staff reductions, which are a reality in many types of medical institutions across the nation. It is believed that when nursing staff are stretched thin, mistakes can be made that increase the risk of workplace injuries.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed in crane accident

Many people in California are unaware of the number of risks they may face in their everyday lives. While some can take extra precautions to stay safe, a dangerous accident cannot always be anticipated or avoided. For example, thousands of workers face injury in construction workers' accidents every day they report to work. One out-of-state worker has recently been killed in such an accident involving a crane.

The accident happened one afternoon in late January. A 45-year-old man was working approximately six stories from the ground when a piece of a crane fell, landing on his chest. His co-workers worked to free him, but it reportedly took some time before they could access the man.

Workplace injury can cause psychological damage in California

The human mind is deeply connected to the body. This means a physical workplace injury in California can sometimes affect a person's psychological health. In some cases, the mental effect of a workplace injury can become just as detrimental as the physical injury.

One of the most common mental issues that occurs following a workplace injury is depression. Unfortunately, like many psychological issues, depression is often ignored by medical professionals when assessing workplace injuries. This can be detrimental to many workers who have been injured on the job.

Safety precautions may not prevent industrial accidents

Industrial workers face various dangers on a daily basis. This is why they should make sure to take all the necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries while working at an industrial site in California or any other state. However, even after taking all possible precautions in hopes of avoiding an accident, there is still the chance that industrial accidents may happen.

This may have been the case in a recent accident which occurred one morning in late January. As of now, there have not been any reports of safety violations. However, authorities are currently investigating the incident in order to determine the possible causes. The incident happened at approximately 7:45 a.m. at an industrial site in another state.

Electricity can cause injury in construction workers' accidents

Electricity is a wonderful scientific discovery. It has become the basis of practically everything people use in society nowadays, in California and elsewhere. However, electricity can also be dangerous if one is not careful. In fact, electricity has been a common cause of injury for many in construction workers' accidents.

This is what recently occurred in a construction accident that happened one morning in mid-January. A construction worker was working as a roofer at the time of the incident. Somehow, the man ended up making contact with the utility wires as he was scaling a ladder. The man suffered an electric shock that caused him to fall about 20 feet to the ground.

Construction workers' accidents -- crane mishaps serious concern

Construction workers risk their bodies on a daily basis while on-the-job. They are constantly working with dangerous materials as well as heavy machinery, in California or on construction sites in other jurisdictions. The construction workers' accidents that sometimes result can cause serious injuries, or even fatalities. A crane accident at a construction site in another state is a case in point.

The incident happened just prior to 10 a.m. on the northbound side of a parkway. Somehow, a crane that a man had been working on ended up overturning. The construction worker was immediately rushed to a local hospital via airlift. The identity of the injured construction worker was not released to the public in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

Cause of construction workers' accidents should be investigated

When a construction accident occurs, it is important to investigate the incident in order to determine the possible causes. This is particularly important when injuries have occurred in California or in any other state. Finding out the causes of construction workers' accidents can help in taking preventative measures to ensure that the same type of accident does not happen again. This is what work safety authorities are looking to do as they investigate a recent construction accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is expected to send investigators to find out what exactly happened. The incident happened one morning in late December at a company's new headquarters that is currently under construction. Two workers were reportedly injured in the accident. The injured workers were quickly transported to a nearby medical facility via airlift.

Construction workers' accidents can be serious at tall heights

Construction sites are known for having an inherent amount of danger. However, construction workers can face an even higher chance of construction workers' accidents when working at tall heights. This is common when working on certain types of buildings in California or any other state. These types of accidents can be quite serious and can result in serious injuries.

Four construction workers found themselves in the middle of this type of situation in a recent construction accident. The incident occurred at approximately 9:05 a.m. when three of the construction workers were connecting a beam that was about 14 to 20 feet above the ground. Somehow, the beam ended up collapsing, which resulted in the three workers being injured. A fourth worker had also sustained injuries as a result of falling debris.

Health care workers more likely to experience workplace injury

Health care professionals are supposed to take care of those who are sick or injured. However, it turns out that health care staffers in California and other states may also need some care of their own. A study has recently revealed that health care staffers have an increased chance of experiencing workplace injury when compared to other professions.

The report, which was released by the U.S. Labor Department, shows that workplace injuries declined slightly in 2013 when compared to 2012. However, it also showed that health care staffers in general, as well as nurses' assistants, experience injuries at work more often than most other occupations. State health care and social assistance workers experience 146 workplace injuries for every 10,000 workers in the United States.

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