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How you can show your job primarily caused your back injury

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Many people in California suffer back injuries that can plague them for months or years. Distinguishing between job-related causes and personal activities such as weightlifting can be important.

For example, workers’ compensation claims require that your job primarily caused your back injury.

Workplace hazards

One way to show that your job caused your back injury is by documenting workplace hazards. Make note of any repetitive tasks, heavy lifting requirements or prolonged periods of sitting or standing. Detailed records of your work duties and any incidents that led to your injury should make your case stronger.

Medical documentation and expert opinions

Getting medical attention as soon as possible after a back injury is helpful. Medical records detail the nature and extent of your injury along with any treatment received. They can provide important evidence. Opinions from health care professionals specializing in back injuries can further support your claim.

Correlation between job duties and injury

A direct correlation between your job duties and the onset of your back injury is necessary. Give evidence of how specific tasks or work conditions directly contributed to your injury. This may involve discussing the frequency and intensity of certain work activities you performed.

Witness testimonies and surveillance footage

Witness testimonies from co-workers, supervisors or others can be helpful. These people might be able to talk about the physical demands of your job or what they saw in the events leading up to your injury. Surveillance footage may be available. Look for documentation of the circumstances surrounding your injury.

By diligently compiling evidence, you can increase your chances of getting the compensation and support you deserve for a back injury.