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Obtaining Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Unfortunately, many injured workers have been denied even the most basic information regarding their workers’ compensation benefits. This information may have been denied to them by insurance companies and employers who said they were “helping” the injured workers understand their rights. The representatives of these insurance companies and employers, however, protect the insurance companies and the employers. They are not here to help the injured worker. To ensure that you are getting the full picture, hire your own advisers. With more than 100 years of combined experience in advising injured workers, the attorneys at Berger & Michelena look forward to assisting you in gaining a full, accurate and truthful understanding of your rights.

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Benefits Of Workers’ Compensation

Our attorneys can explain your workers’ compensation to you in person. Generally speaking, workers’ compensation benefits provide any medically reasonable accommodations your injury requires. Medical treatment can be anything you need such as doctor’s visits, a new bed, wheelchairs, and transportation to and from the doctor or other places, such as the grocery store. The insurance company contractually agreed to provide you with these benefits, and now it is seeking to ignore its responsibilities by denying you your workers’ compensation claim.

We can discuss with you how these benefits are affected depending on how you settle the case or how you treat the case in court. We will advise you as to the pros and cons of various approaches to workers’ compensation benefits: lump-sum settlements, lifetime medical care and more. Our experienced lawyers will confidently guide you through the complex interplay of workers’ compensation laws with other laws and benefits. We will explain to you any role that temporary and permanent disability benefits may play in your case. If your deceased loved one was the one injured on the job, we can help you apply for death benefits through workers’ compensation.

To bridge the gap between approval of your claim and actually receiving the check, the state of California has benefits available.

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