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Los Angeles Contesting Workers’ Comp Claims More Vigorously

Los Angeles is concerned about workers’ compensation costs to the city.

Workers’ compensation provides a valuable benefit for workers who are injured on the job. Instead of resorting to a lawsuit, injured workers can obtain much-needed money through workers’ compensation benefits, a form of insurance

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The Complexities of California Workers’ Compensation

Most people who suffer a job-related injury in Los Angeles County understand that they could be entitled to workers’ compensation. However, an injury on the job does not automatically mean that an employee will qualify for workers’ comp. There are several rules in place that could jeopardize an

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FDA Approves Trial For New Spinal Cord Treatment

Thousands of people in the U.S. suffer serious spinal cord injuries each year. What some people may not realize is that many of these injuries occur in the workplace. Unfortunately, spinal cord injuries are

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Daylight Saving Switch Makes March More Dangerous For California Workers

Every year as spring approaches, clocks jump ahead one hour, giving Americans an extra hour of natural light during their evenings. While Daylight Saving Time encourages people to spend more time outdoors, arguably helps cut down on energy consumption and has many other benefits, it also has distinct costs

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Changes To California’s Workers’ Comp System: Predesignating A Physician

Workers’ compensation laws are designed to protect both employees and employers when accidents happen. Essentially, the laws are intended to provide compensation to those injured in an accident while avoiding the traditional courtroom setting. Changes are often made to these laws in an effort to help better ensure they offer an adequate level of protection to those who suffer from on the job

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California Recycling Company Has A History of Workplace Accidents

A California company is under investigation after a recent accident. The company has a decade-long history of safety violations.

In March 2014, a propane tank exploded at a California-based recycling company. The result was that the tank flew into a car where a man was resting. This recent incident at Alco Metal & Iron Co. is

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