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Has Concentra Failed To Properly Evaluate Your Injury?

It’s no secret that workers’ compensation insurance companies want to keep their claim costs low. To do that, they rely on medical provider networks such as Concentra and U.S. HealthWorks. These clinics employ doctors chosen specifically for the purpose of minimizing the extent of injuries and the treatment that injured workers need.

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But as an injured worker, you have rights. You can get a medical evaluation from another doctor who can provide an objective assessment of your injury and the medical care you need. This is particularly important in cases involving repetitive strain injuries such as back injuries, carpal tunnel, and damage to nerves and tendons.

Is Concentra Failing To Provide Adequate Treatment?

If so, Berger & Michelena can help. We can refer you to a doctor who understands work injuries and is sympathetic to injured workers.

Here is a typical situation that our workers’ compensation attorneys encounter every week: A worker strains his or her back through repetitive lifting activities. The worker reports the injury to the employer, who refers the worker to Concentra. The doctor may order an X-ray, which shows no injury to the back. Based on this evaluation, the employee’s workers’ compensation claim is denied.

However, an X-ray only reveals the existence of a broken bone, fracture or anomaly in the spine. It cannot indicate whether the worker has suffered a herniated disk or damage to nerves, tendons or muscles.

How We Can Help

Berger & Michelena can help refer you to another doctor who can use all available means (such as an MRI, CT scan or other tests) to document the existence of the injury and enable the doctor to prescribe a course of treatment. We can use this to help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

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