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Wrongful Death Representation In Los Angeles

The lawyers at Berger & Michelena have almost 50 years of experience addressing the workers’ compensation needs of families who have lost loved ones through the tragedy of a fatal accident at work. Our experience ranges through every stage of litigation from the opening discovery of facts to trial of the case.

Losing a loved one is hard enough. Harder still is to lose that loved one from a preventable workplace accident. Call the experienced wrongful death lawyers at Berger & Michelena: 213-624-9999.

Our clients confidently rely on our firm’s ability knowing that we have the knowledge and the personnel resources to litigate and win the most serious and complex workers’ compensation cases. Berger & Michelena is proud to fight on your behalf against the insurance companies and employers who refuse to honor the memory of your fallen loved one.

Understand The Truth About Wrongful Death Claims

In representing our clients, we serve to dispel many incorrect myths about workers’ compensation. Contrary to popular misperception, if your loved one was at work, and work caused the death of your loved one, then workers’ compensation benefits apply to your loved one’s death. Period. Workers’ compensation law covers your loved one’s death regardless of fault. Workers’ compensation does not consider the question of fault in determining whether workers’ compensation benefits apply so long as your loved one was acting within the scope of employment.

Do not rely on representatives from the employer or the insurance company to take care of you and your departed loved one. Ultimately, their job is to protect the interests of the employer and the insurance company. Instead, ensure that your loved one’s rights are equally represented in the justice system. Retain your own attorney who will advise you in your best interests, not in the best interests of the insurance company or the employer.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

To discuss your matter in complete confidence with a lawyer from the California workers’ compensation law firm of Berger & Michelena, call 213-624-9999. You can also schedule an entirely discreet free initial consultation by contacting our firm online.