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What are some common workers’ compensation mistakes?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

If you get injured at work, the workers’ compensation system can provide benefits designed to help your recovery. Some of these benefits include medical benefits, lost wages, rehabilitation support and other benefits.

Although you can receive workers’ compensation benefits regardless of fault, your claim may get denied if you make certain mistakes during the claims process. This can make it more difficult to recover following the accident and make it harder to return to work.

Neglecting medical attention

In 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that private employers reported 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries, many of which required medical attention. Even if the injury seems minor, consult with a medical professional to assess the extent of the damage. Delaying medical treatment can worsen the condition and create challenges in the claims process.

Providing inaccurate or incomplete documentation

Failing to provide comprehensive information about the incident, including how it occurred and the nature of the injury, can hinder the claims process. Ensure that all details are accurately documented for a smoother resolution.

Not following physician instructions

Once you receive medical treatment, follow the doctor’s orders diligently. Ignoring or neglecting prescribed treatments or therapies can not only compromise your recovery but may also impact the legitimacy of your workers’ compensation claim.

Failing to communicate changes in condition

If there are any changes in your medical condition or if you experience new symptoms, communicate these changes promptly. Keeping your employer and the relevant parties informed ensures that your workers’ compensation claim accurately reflects the ongoing impact of the injury.

Ignoring rehabilitation opportunities

Participating in rehabilitation programs can contribute to a speedier recovery and may demonstrate a commitment to the healing process, strengthening your case.

Even if you follow all required procedures when filing a workers’ compensation claim, you may not receive the benefits you deserve. If this occurs, take steps to protect your interests and rights to proper compensation.