Clients can have a successful workers' compensation case in a number of ways. Many of our cases are resolved through the Trial process. But another way cases can be resolved is through negotiations ending in a work comp settlement.

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The law firm of Berger & Michelena has been providing resolutions to clients' workers' compensation cases for more than 100 combined years. Our lawyers have comprehensive experience in evaluating cases and in guiding their clients to satisfying workers' compensation settlement agreements.

Pasadena Lump Sum Payment Attorney

While no lawsuit can take away your injury or change the past, a workers' compensation settlement can provide you with the financial resources you need to best manage your health care in light of the injury you have suffered.

A workers' compensation settlement can be the mechanism you choose to provide you with those resources. Under a workers' compensation settlement you can enter into one of two options:

  • Stipulated findings and award: A stipulated finding and award is a workers' compensation settlement agreement under which a set amount of disability benefits are paid out to the client over time. Future medical care may be left open for the rest of your life.


  • Compromise and release: Under this type of settlement agreement, the client receives the entire settlement amount in one lump sum. Unlike a stipulated findings and award settlement, here, the employer has no future responsibility for injury treatment costs.

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