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How California’s workers’ compensation protects employees

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Work-related injuries and illnesses range from sudden accidents to conditions that develop over time. Workers’ compensation protections are in place to make sure that employees who get hurt or sick because of work receive the medical help and money they need.

California has a system that gives benefits to eligible workers and helps them get medical care and compensation for lost wages quickly.

The no-fault rule

In California, workers’ compensation works on a “no-fault” idea. This means workers can get benefits no matter whose fault the workplace injury or illness is. It makes it easier to get benefits without having to prove the employer did something wrong.

Insurance mandate for employers

With over 645,000 injuries reported in recent years, the state requires employers to have workers’ compensation insurance that covers most workers, even part-time or temporary ones. This insurance helps workers get medical treatment and money if they get hurt at work.

Medical help and treatment

Workers get medical benefits for necessary and reasonable treatment, rehab services and retraining if an injury stops them from going back to their old job. Employees usually get to pick their doctors from a list given by their employer’s insurance.

Financial support through disability benefits

Workers in California may get disability benefits to make up for lost wages while they recover. Temporary disability benefits help during the healing time, and permanent disability benefits are for workers with lasting problems from a work injury.

Dispute resolution

The Division of Workers’ Compensation watches over California’s workers’ compensation system. Problems between employers and workers are usually fixed through a process or the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

Workers’ compensation helps the families of employees as well. If a worker should die from a workplace injury or illness, California offers benefits to their dependents. This helps with funeral costs and gives ongoing support to the worker’s dependents.