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Can I get compensation for a work-related car accident?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Accidents can happen anywhere, including on the job.

When it comes to work-related car accidents, many employees wonder if they can receive workers’ compensation benefits. The answer to this question depends on various factors.

Determining work-relatedness

The first step in determining eligibility for workers’ compensation for a car accident at work is establishing that the accident occurred in the course of employment. If performing work duties or running an errand for your employer when the accident took place, it is more likely to be work-related. However, if it happened while commuting to or from work, it may not qualify.

Medical treatment and benefits

If you sustained injuries in a car accident, workers’ compensation may provide medical treatment and benefits. These benefits typically cover medical expenses related to the injuries, including doctor’s visits, hospital stays, medication and rehabilitation. You may also receive compensation for lost wages if your injuries prevent you from working.

Exceptions and limitations

While workers’ compensation covers many work-related car accidents, some exceptions and limitations exist. For example, if under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident, you may not be eligible for benefits. Similarly, if you intentionally caused the accident, you might not receive compensation.

The claims process

After notifying your employer, they will inform their workers’ compensation insurance carrier. The insurance company will then investigate your claim. This investigation typically involves reviewing medical records, speaking to witnesses and assessing the accident’s circumstances.

In 2021, employers reported 2.6 million workplace injuries and illnesses. Whether on the job site or performing your duties elsewhere, injured employees have the right to file a compensation claim.