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What are the ways workplace vehicles endanger workers?

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Work vehicles play an important role in various industries since they often facilitate the transportation of goods and materials. However, they also present risks that can result in injuries for employees.

By educating yourself on common injuries that occur in the workplace involving vehicles, you can better understand what steps to take to protect your health.

Vehicle collisions

With 4,764 American workers dying due to workplace accidents in 2020, safety should be at the forefront of workers’ minds. One of the most frequent injuries associated with work is vehicle crashes.

These accidents can happen when work vehicles collide with each other or pedestrians. Such collisions are often caused by factors like distracted driving, speeding or failures in communication.

Loading injuries

Work vehicles frequently require employees to engage in physically demanding tasks, such as rushing to load and unload heavy items. As a result, back and neck injuries are common.

Falls from vehicles

Falling from work vehicles, such as trucks or forklifts, is another type of workplace injury. These falls may happen when employees enter or exit the vehicle near a hazard or when working on elevated platforms if those in charge do not give them the necessary safety precautions.

Chemical exposure

In certain industries, work vehicles are necessary for transporting hazardous materials. Accidental spills or leaks during transit can expose employees to dangerous chemicals, leading to various health issues like burns, respiratory problems or skin conditions.

Repetitive strain injuries

Certain work vehicles, like forklifts or excavators, require employees to perform repetitive motions for extended periods. This can result in repetitive strain injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, which can affect an employee’s ability to work comfortably.

Vehicle accidents can happen in mere seconds. By recognizing these risks, those in charge can work towards reducing the occurrence of injuries and promoting a safer work environment for all.