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Common work-related injuries among painters

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

No one wants to get hurt on the job while trying to provide for a family. However, for professional painters in California, there are work-related risks that could lead to serious harm.

Whether you are adding a fresh coat to a commercial building or bringing new life to a residential space, it is important to know the hazards and understand the process of accessing workers’ compensation in case of an injury.

Painting-related injuries

Professional painters face several risks on the job that could result in workers’ compensation claims. Because painters frequently use ladders, scaffolding or platforms, they have a heightened risk of falls.

Painting requires repetitive motions. Continuous brush strokes and moving up and down ladders all day can lead to strains and sprains, causing muscle and joint pain.

Paints and solvents are full of chemicals. Repeatedly inhaling their toxic fumes or touching them with the skin may be harmful.

Steps to take after an injury

If an accident occurs while you are painting at work, there are important steps to be aware of before you claim workers’ compensation in California.

First, report the injury to your supervisor or manager immediately following the accident. After informing them, visit a healthcare provider authorized by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Maintain detailed records of all medical appointments, treatments you have received and any other expenses tied to your injury. Follow the medical advice given by your healthcare provider. Doing so ensures a smoother recovery process and protects your eligibility for compensation.

Lastly, maintain open communication with your employer about your healing progress and any changes in your condition that might influence your capacity to return to work.

The State of California Department of Industrial Relations offers free online workshops to help injured workers learn more about the workers’ compensation process. These workshops can be helpful in learning your rights and what benefits are available.