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Worker’s compensation and accidents in a commercial kitchen

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Being a back-of-the-house worker puts you in the path of dangerous objects, machines, chemicals and conditions. Line cooks, chefs and even dishwashers are at risk.

Anyone who works in a commercial kitchen knows there are two types of injuries. The ones that will scar but can be shaken off and those that mean a trip to the emergency room and permanent disability.

Common injuries

Although many of these injuries may not require a worker’s compensation claim, each injury can be so severe that it can cause permanent disability.

  • Cuts or loss of digits: Chef knives are extremely sharp. Unfortunately, accidents happen. It is easy to accidentally cut through tendons or bones.
  • Burn injuries: Of course, burns are very common in a commercial kitchen. Stoves and fryers are the sources of these injuries. Burns can range from mild to severe. Anyone in the kitchen can suffer from debilitating burns.
  • Musculoskeletal injuries: Repetitive motions and muscle strain can cause lifelong injuries. Many cooks also suffer from spine deterioration.
  • Slip and fall: Without proper safety equipment, it is easy to slip and fall in the kitchen. Injuries from this can result in complex fractures, back injuries and lifelong pain.

These are just a few injuries you can suffer from that require you to be out of work indefinitely.

Prevention of these injuries

Your employer should take adequate measures to provide protection against these injuries. Their worker’s compensation insurance should be enough to cover any type of accident.

Working in the kitchen is inherently dangerous. Fortunately, worker’s compensation is there to help if the injury is so severe a back-of-the-house worker can no longer perform their job.