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What are some subtle signs of a traumatic brain injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Whether you climb high up on a scaffold or operate a vehicle on a construction site, a hit to your head can leave you feeling strange.

Learning about what a traumatic brain injury looks like and how it may not seem obvious at first is essential for anyone suffering at work.

Mental confusion

According to the Mayo Clinic, other people around you may begin to notice something is wrong when you do not respond to questions or normal conversations like you did before. Processing long sentences and understanding written words are hard tasks when you are struggling with a brain injury.

You could also fail to notice nonverbal hints or clues from people who talk to you. Not only can this leave you confused, but you may become isolated from social situations due to this problem.

Rapidly changing emotions

If you notice yourself struggling with depression in the time after a head injury, there may be more to this problem than you first assume. Surges of anger and sadness can impact your daily life and how well you can complete your job. You could also not fall asleep easily at night or wake up multiple times throughout the night.

Increase in risk-taking decisions

After brain trauma, your understanding of safety could change. Making risky decisions and failing to control yourself when in certain situations are both signs of this issue.

No matter what emotional, social or physical problems you are facing after a traumatic brain injury, knowing what subtle signs to look for can help you.