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Lessons from some unusual workplace accidents

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents happen in Los Angeles and throughout the world regularly. The majority of accidents fall into common categories such as slips and falls and overexertion injuries.

A few accidents seem quite unusual, though they do provide lessons in the dangers that workers face daily.

Workplace dangers come in many forms

A feature story from Canyon News points out some of the weirdest on-the-job accidents in recent history. In one case, a woman working in a restaurant went to drink from her cup and ended up with a serious injury. The cup contained lye, and she received burns to her esophagus. Someone had improperly placed the cup with lye in the breakroom.

In another situation, a man working in a retail shop went to get some chips out of a vending machine. When the product did not fall, he shook the machine and managed in the process to break his hip. He filed a workers’ compensation claim, and the supervisor ruled in his favor.

Perils can come from the general public

Another case involved a delivery driver for a pizza chain. The man returned to the store to find another man who did not work there fleeing from the restaurant. In his efforts to confront the man, he received stab wounds that punctured his lung and resulted in medical treatment. Because the delivery driver remained in work status, he received workers’ compensation.

Workplace injuries come in many shapes and forms and often result from the negligence of co-workers or employers. Whatever the factors, injured workers should look into their legal rights.