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When is a car accident work-related?

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

California law allows various on-the-job injuries to qualify for work-related insurance claims. Sometimes, a car accident may fall under workers’ compensation coverage.

Driving a truck or vehicle for a living makes a crash eligible for a workers’ comp claim. However, under the law, other collisions may count even if driving is not in the ordinary course of business. Learn more about when a motor vehicle accident may become eligible for a workers’ compensation claim.

Did an accident occur while driving to or from work?

The law sets out what is and is not a qualifying incident, and while a car crash during a daily commute is typically not, there are exceptions. If the employee drives a fleet vehicle as a job requirement, and a crash occurs at any time in that mandated car, it may fall under work-related.

Did the boss ask an employee to run an errand?

Leaving work usually requires an employee to clock out, and anything that happens during that personal time is not a work activity. Suppose a superior requests the employee to complete a task during this time, such as picking up a document from the printer. If a car crash occurs while the employee is on the way to or from this work-related destination, the accident becomes eligible for a workers’ comp claim.

It is also important to note that a car crash may result in a double claim depending on the circumstances. A workers’ comp and personal injury claim may both prove feasible if a driver is both on the clock and not responsible for the crash. This would provide the injured worker with even more assistance during a crisis.