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Industrial accidents always a risk in California

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

The industrial sector plays a vital role in society and in the nation’s economy. California industrial workers help transform raw materials into products which people use on a daily basis across the state. However, working in the industrial sector does come with some significant risks due to the dangers that industrial workers are surrounded by everyday. In some cases, the presence of these dangers can result in industrial accidents that can cause injuries.

Unfortunately, this is what recently happened at an asphalt manufacturing facility. The police received a call regarding the incident on an early November afternoon. Local law enforcement immediately dispatched units to the scene of the accident in order to investigate a reported explosion at an industrial plant.

Firefighters were also dispatched in order to battle the fire which had broken out as a result of the explosion. At least one person suffered burns in the incident and was immediately transported to a local medical facility via airlift. The current condition of the individual has yet to be released to the public. A second individual also sustained injuries, but no more information has been released concerning his or her condition or the severity of injuries sustained.

Regardless of the type of injuries sustained, those hurt in industrial accidents in California may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. For those injured, it is important to begin the benefit claims’ process as soon as possible as there could be various hurdles that need to be overcome. In some cases, an employer may challenge a claim, which may require the applicant to take legal action in order to obtain the benefits he or she rightfully deserves.

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