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What are some injuries experienced by health care workers?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Many people think that the health care field is a pretty safe field in which to work; after all, the people who comprise that industry are the ones who make sure that others are safe and healthy. However, medical professionals can get hurt on the job just like any other employee.

What are some examples of injuries experienced by health care workers in California?

Back injuries

Nurses and other health care workers often have to help lift patients off their beds and carry heavy equipment from room to room, which puts them at a greater risk of certain back injuries. Heavy lifting, for example, can lead to muscle strains and disc herniation. Having good form while lifting, as well as knowing your limits, can help prevent serious back injuries.


Health care workers who respond to emergencies, such as car accidents and house fires, can see an increased risk of sustaining a burn.

Diseases and infections

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals work with patients who may have blood-borne diseases or other highly transmissible infections. There are many safety protocols that health care facilities put into place regarding dealing with substances such as bodily waste; however, people may fail to adhere to those protocols and accidents can happen. Some examples of diseases that health care workers might acquire on the job include hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Before they can care for another person, health care workers need to make sure that they care for themselves. This includes being aware of some of the more common injuries that people in their field experience.