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Common safety concerns in manufacturing environments

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Even with safety precautions in place, moving parts and heavy machinery increase the risk of manufacturing injuries. Looming deadlines and constant pressure over productivity can also create an environment where injuries are common.

It is important to know the common injuries experienced in a manufacturing environment to put a better safety strategy in place.

Slip or fall injuries

Hazards like cords or wet floors can lead to slips or falls. Carrying around sharp or heavy objects can increase the severity of injury that occurs during the fall.

Contact or machine-related injury

Injuries like loss of limbs, lacerations and crushed body parts are possible if a machine malfunctions. In severe cases, fatalities are possible. Proper training and awareness can prevent these types of injuries, but safety guards and other lockout protocols are also important for preventing injury.

Vehicle injury

It is common for people to receive an injury from a forklift or other moving vehicle at a manufacturing plant. Items could fall during transport or people could get too close to a vehicle in operation.

Overexertion injury

Manufacturing jobs can require long hours and extensive physical labor, potentially leading to overexertion injuries. Taking time off and taking advantage of lunch and scheduled breaks can prevent injuries caused by overstressing the body.

Chemical injury

Chemical splashes or splatter can cause chemical burns, but the injuries could extend to loss of the senses or the development of asthma. While rare, some cases of continual exposure could lead to cancer or permanent health concerns.

While personal protective equipment can prevent some injuries, the manufacturing environment contains many injury possibilities. Safety strategies and personal awareness can also combat the potential for injury.