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What are common slip and fall injury sources?

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Workplace Injuries

Businesses and workplaces often have slip, trip and fall injury sources present on the premise. One important way to stay safe at work is through the identification of these risk sources.

Thus, it is important to answer the question: what are the most common sources of slip and fall injuries at most jobs?

The source of risks

SCORE discusses ways of preventing slip and fall incidents. These incidents often occur as a result of issues with the flooring, no matter what type of flooring exists within the building in question.

For example, carpeted floors and floors with texture often result in trip incidents. This may happen due to uneven flooring, sudden transitions from one floor type to another, or defects in the floor itself.

Slip incidents often happen on slick surfaces like wooden floors, tile, linoleum and so on. These incidents increase in inclement weather, as people tend to track water in through the entrances and exits. Another form of risk exists when people clean the floor and do not properly label if it is still wet or freshly waxed.

Common trip hazards

Trip injuries may happen across the board due to clutter and mobility hazards, too. Some workplaces leave boxes, equipment and various sundries strewn about the place, making it hard to navigate through an area without tripping over something.

Other places do not properly secure their wires. Having numerous wires stretching across the floor without appropriate treatment can easily contribute to the number of trip and fall incidents that happen at a workplace. These are all common and easily avoidable issues.