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Do you qualify for supplemental job displacement?

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Returning to work after an injury can be difficult, especially if you are unable to do the job you did before. Workers’ compensation provides you with help and benefits that will get you back to work.

One such benefit is supplemental job displacement. This provides up to $6,000 for you to use to pay for training or job placement services. Your claims administrator must provide you with this option if you qualify.

Disability status

One of the qualifications you need to meet is to have a permanent partial disability. This means that your injury is long-term and impacts you moving forward but does not completely make it so you cannot work at any job.

Employer accommodations

You also need to show your employer did not offer you work, either your normal job or a job with modifications, within the 60 days after you were allowed to return to work.

Using the voucher

If you receive the supplemental job displacement voucher, you can use it at any approved public school or training center in California. You Can spend up to $600 on job placement services and up to $1,000 on a computer. You will need to verify how you spend the money with the exception of $500, which you can use for non-documented miscellaneous expenses. You must use the voucher within two years of receiving it or five years after your injury, whichever gives you more time. This also means you must provide documentation of how you spent the money within this time as well.

The supplemental job displacement benefit allows you to get back to work, even if you need to find a new job after an injury.