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Does workers’ compensation cover job-related car accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Firm News

If you drive an automobile as part of your job duties, workers’ compensation may be responsible for your medical care if you have a car accident.

Understanding the regulations about these accidents is essential, so you know how to proceed if one occurs.

When does workers’ compensation cover an auto accident?

According to state laws, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance might cover your car accident if it occurs while performing your job responsibilities.  Examples of such instances include making deliveries, running errands for your company and traveling between clients if you get paid for that time. Other aspects to note are:

  • Even if you cause a car accident, you can still be eligible for workers compensation because it does not look at fault
  • Workers’ compensation may cover you while traveling to company required events, such as meetings and conventions
  • You do not need to be driving a company vehicle to receive coverage as long as you are participating in paid work

Are there times that workers’ compensation does not cover car accidents?

Workers’ compensation coverage is specific to injuries that occur while working. This means that it might not protect you during your commute to and from your office building or while you are at lunch. Running personal errands also does not apply, even if you are in a company vehicle.

Knowing the difference between work and personal time helps you determine who to contact in the event of an accident. It is important to notify your employer after a work-related accident so they can begin the workers’ compensation claim process right away.