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Road workers and job-related injuries

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Firm News

If you work in road construction, or someone in your family is a road worker, it is important to understand risk factors associated with job-related injuries in this line of work. If you suffer an injury while working, you could lose the ability to work for weeks, months or the rest of your life. This can cause financial hardships, and some people struggle to find well-paying work in other fields.

Moreover, injured workers often struggle with high levels of pain, medical costs, mental trauma and other challenges. It is important to review relevant hazards and statistics on these accidents.

Road workers and the risk of occupational injuries

The Federal Highway Administration has published insightful information on road workers and the job-related injury risks they face. Every year, more than 20,000 road workers sustain injuries in work zones. After analyzing data from a five-year period, the FHWA found that more road workers suffered injuries due to contact with objects and equipment than any other factor, followed by slips and falls.

Many road workers also suffered injuries due to transportation-related accidents, overexerting themselves and dangerous substances and environments.

Recovering from an accident as a road worker

On-the-job accidents are often particularly disruptive for road workers and their families. Since these jobs require physical abilities that some workers lose following an accident, many road workers cannot return to work after an accident, and those sidelined for months can struggle to get caught up on bills.

Workers’ compensation helps a lot of people facing hardships due to a work-related accident. From training for a new job to help with medical expenses, you should look into your potential eligibility.