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What are common injuries for retail workers?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

Retail work may seem like a fairly safe occupation, but risks exist in every industry. Retail locations often have common hazards that could lead to potential injuries for workers.

According to AmTrust Financial, many of the common retail worker injuries relate directly to hazardous situations in the store environment.


One of the top injuries in the retail environment is falls. Falls are a huge problem across a range of injuries. They can occur from using ladders or tripping over something in the retail space. Closely tied in with falls are slips that lead to falling, which can happen from uneven flooring, rugs or slippery floors.

Struck by

Struck by injuries can happen easily in retail. Products stacked on shelves could fall and hit you in the head or body. You could topple a display that hits you. If you work in a storage area, the risks may be even higher than if you work on the floor.

Minor injuries

Cuts, bruises, scrapes and sprains are also common in retail. These can happen in a number of ways just during the course of your normal day. For example, you could cut yourself opening a box of goods or smash your finger when closing a cash register drawer. You will work with sharp objects and walk a lot, which can lead to instances where you are at risk for these typically minor instances.

All retail workers should be aware of potential safety risks in the workplace. It is easy to become compliant because the environment does not seem high risk, but this will often lead to more injuries.