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Workers injured in industrial accident at Tesla factory

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Firm News

A recent mishap at a Tesla Motors plant in Palo Alto reportedly left three employees with moderate to serious burns. According to sources, the accident was the result of hot metal spilling from a casting press. The factory where the incident occurred is solely dedicated to manufacturing Model S, which has become known recently for a series of car fires.

It isn’t clear, according to a spokesperson for Tesla, whether the accident will affect production goals for the Model S. Public attention on the recent car fires has resulted in a decrease in third-quarter earnings for the company, which is determined to hit a 21,500-unit production goal for the Model S by the end of the year.

Accidents like this one can be serious for those involved. When an employee is injured, he or she cannot necessarily count on the employer’s support when it comes to workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, the system’s process can sometimes be adversarial.

What types of issues can come up in the process? Perhaps the employer disputes whether the worker actually suffered a serious injury; whether medical treatment is needed for the injury; or whether time off work is really needed to recover from the injury. Another possibility is that the employer may dispute whether the accident occurred at work or within the scope of employment. This may occur in the case of back injuries, for example, where the origin of the harm can be debated.

Whatever the issue may be, it is important that those struggling to pursue financial benefits seek out the guidance of an experienced attorney. Doing so will help ensure the best possible outcome in the case.

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