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Ignoring surroundings can cause construction workers’ accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

Things can sometimes become confusing while working at a construction site. Many times, there are multiple projects going on simultaneously, involving numerous workers. If workers are not careful, they can easily end up being injured or killed in construction workers’ accidents in California or in any other state. This seems to have been what happened in a recent construction accident that resulted in one death.

The accident happened at a road construction project site in early December. Apparently, a construction worker had been driving a pickup truck when he hit another construction worker. The worker who was hit was working as a construction flagman at the time.

The impact propelled the construction flagman approximately 75 feet to the opposite side of the street. The construction flagman landed close to a guardrail. The man was immediately transported to a nearby medical facility in order to receive treatment. He was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital.

The authorities are currently investigating the incident in order to determine what may have happened. The driver of the pickup truck did not suffer any injuries, according to reports released to the public. It is not yet clear whether the driver of the pickup truck will be facing criminal charges as a result of the accident.

Whether there are criminal charges, the family of the decedent will still be significantly affected by the loss. This can be even worse if the decedent brought in a significant part of the household income. Fortunately, those who lose loved ones in construction workers’ accidents may be able to obtain death benefits via workers’ compensation in California or any other state.

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