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Electricity can play a role in industrial accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

The discovery of electricity revolutionized society forever. However, in order to harness electricity to the capacity in which contemporary society needs, it requires power lines carrying large amounts of electrical current in California or in any other state. Unfortunately, this technological advancement comes with a cost. One of the drawbacks is the potential for injury resulting from electrical shock during industrial accidents.

One worker experienced this in a recent accident while he was working for a concrete company. The incident happened at approximately 9:42 a.m. in early September when a concrete boom truck came into contact with a power line located overhead. This energized the vehicle, which caused the man to be electrocuted when he came in contact with the truck. Reportedly, the truck belonged to a contractor company headquartered in an out-of-town location.

The local concrete company, as well as the out-of-town contractor, had been hired to work on an expansion project of a facility. Following the incident, emergency responders arrived quickly onto the scene. They transported the victim to a nearby medical facility. However, their attempts to revive the man were unsuccessful and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

This case illustrates how dangerous it is to work around power lines and the potential of causing industrial accidents in California. Unfortunately, the decedent’s family will now have to deal with the tragic results of what can sometimes occur when working around electrical power lines. Not only will the family suffer emotionally, they may be affected financially if the decedent had been bringing in a significant portion of the household income. However, the family of the decedent may be able to offset the financial effects by filing for death benefits via workers’ compensation.

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