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Dealing with a denied workers’ compensation claim

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

Earlier this week, 11 people were injured at Gorilla’s Polishing Corp., a metal-polishing shop in Southern California, when an explosion and fire occurred. According to sources, the blast originated in the plant’s duct system and is thought to have possibly been caused by dust buildup.

Two of the injured individuals were taken to the hospital in critical condition following the incident, though most of the other injured parties endured some smoke inhalation. While an initial investigation suggests that dust buildup in the plant’s duct system caused the catastrophe, this has not been determined definitively.

Sources didn’t say whether the employees would be pursuing any legal action against the plant over the incident. Presumably, the harmed workers will be covered by workers’ compensation, which would prevent them from filing other claims against the company over the incident.

However, these financial benefits are not always easy to obtain, even when they appear to be available. Sometimes workers’ comp claims are denied because it is determined that the injury is not covered by by the system. When such a decision is made, there is a process the injured worker can go through to challenge that decision. Part of the appeals process is an evaluation by a qualified medical professional and a hearing before a judge.

It can be a great benefit to work with an experienced personal injury and workers’ comp attorney in cases involving denied assistance. Doing so will ensure that the employee’s interests are adequately represented and that the best possible outcome is achieved in the particular case.

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