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Construction workers’ accidents may happen at airports

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

Most people have been on an airplane at one time or another. Air flight is an integral part of society in California and elsewhere. However, it does require a certain amount of infrastructure in order to utilize airplanes. Building and maintaining airports require using construction crews, which can increase the chances of construction workers’ accidents.

This is exactly what happened recently in an incident at an airport in early December. Apparently, a construction worker suffered injuries in an accident that occurred at approximately 2 p.m. The man received treatment at the scene and was then taken to a local hospital. Although the medical staff tried its best, the man succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the medical facility.

The authorities are currently investigating the accident in order to determine what exactly happened. It has been reported that a concrete paver vehicle may have played a role in causing the fatal accident. The construction crew was hired to implement a paving project close to the south end of the airport. The construction site was temporarily shut down in order to allow investigators to examine the scene.

The investigators will now be looking to see if any safety violations may have occurred, which could result in serious fines against the airport. However, no matter what the cause may have been, those who are injured in construction workers’ accidents in California may still be able to obtain monetary reimbursement for damages via workers’ compensation. In this particular case, the family of the decedent may wish to file for death benefits.

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