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Construction workers’ accidents is daily danger for crews

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

California cities and towns require infrastructure to operate for the benefit of everybody. Of course, the infrastructure requires ongoing maintenance and updates. Construction workers are the backbone of those efforts. It is always tragic when reports of construction workers’ accidents indicate that on-the-job injuries resulted in a loss of life.

Unfortunately, this is what happened recently to one construction worker one afternoon in early October as he was working on a bridge project. The construction crews were attempting to replace a bridge at the time of the incident. Somehow the man, 49, was pinned underneath some construction equipment. The accident happened at approximately 1 p.m.

Emergency crews were immediately notified. However, the man died as he was awaiting an airlift to the nearby medical facility. The authorities are continuing their investigation in order to obtain a clearer picture into what may have caused the accident. The victim was reportedly operating a large piece of equipment designed to help crews move earth.

This case illustrates the dangers construction workers face everyday while on the job in California and elsewhere. Construction workers and their families may benefit from gaining an understanding of the various options available in the case of injury or even death due to construction workers’ accidents. One potential option, in this case, is for the family of the deceased victim to obtain death benefits via workers’ compensation. These important insurance benefits are regulated statewide and are designed to cover the necessary expenses — such as funeral and burial costs — that typically accompany these tragedies. Moreover, an income package is generally available for covered family dependents due to the unexpected death.

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