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Construction workers’ accidents — crane mishaps serious concern

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

Construction workers risk their bodies on a daily basis while on-the-job. They are constantly working with dangerous materials as well as heavy machinery, in California or on construction sites in other jurisdictions. The construction workers’ accidents that sometimes result can cause serious injuries, or even fatalities. A crane accident at a construction site in another state is a case in point.

The incident happened just prior to 10 a.m. on the northbound side of a parkway. Somehow, a crane that a man had been working on ended up overturning. The construction worker was immediately rushed to a local hospital via airlift. The identity of the injured construction worker was not released to the public in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

The accident did not require any shut down of lanes on the parkway since it occurred off the roadway. However, the accident did slow down traffic traveling in the northbound lanes considerably as vehicles approached the site of the accident. The specific injuries suffered by the construction worker are still unknown. It was also not immediately clear exactly how the accident happened.

When people are injured in construction workers’ accidents, they are typically eligible to obtain benefits via workers’ compensation insurance. This state regulated insurance benefit program is available for injured workers in California or in any other state. As long as the injury occurred during the course of employment, the injured worker is generally entitled to monetary assistance for medical bills and lost income, among other possible benefits. In the case of an on-the-job fatal accident, the victim’s surviving dependents are typically awarded death benefits for end-of-life expenses as well as an income package due to the loss of the fallen worker’s income.

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