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California listed among states with highest worker injury rates

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2021 | Firm News

According to a recent study that looked at data from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor statistics, California is among the states that have an above average number of workplace injuries involving days of job transfer or restriction. The report highlights not only the variability in injury rates among industries, but also between industries in different states.

The state of Maine came in first, with 1.4 injury or illness cases with job transfer or restriction for every 100 workers. That was followed by Indiana, and then by California, which had 1 such injury or illness per 100 workers. The national average fell at 0.7, with the state of Oregon coming in at 0.8.

In terms of industries, there isn’t a lot that is surprising. Amusement parks and arcades, animal slaughtering and processing, foundries, beverage manufacturing, motor vehicle manufacturing, swine farming and poultry and egg production are all listed among the most injurious industries.

Interestingly, nursing and health care facilities are also listed in the bunch, which may be surprising to some. The fact is, though, that caring for the hospitalized and the elderly can be quite hard on workers’ backs. The problem is widespread, and unfortunately, there is not currently much OSHA oversight on the matter. It is an that needs to be addressed.

Workers who injure themselves need to know their options in terms of financial support. Social Security disability, for those who qualify, can provide an essential base of support. It isn’t easy to qualify, though, and it helps to work with an experienced advocate in putting together an application.

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