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Man loses arm in workplace injury

There are some injuries in the workplace that are more gruesome than others. One of the most horrific workplace injuries is when a person loses an appendage. This can be particularly tragic since this type of injury will permanently affect every aspect of a victim's life. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened in a recent workplace injury that occurred outside the state of California that resulted in one worker being severely injured

Nurses at high risk for workplace injury

When most California residents think about high risk occupations, they imagine fields such as construction and manufacturing. While these can certainly be dangerous places of employment, research suggests that these types of jobs do not top the list in rates of workplace injury. Nursing is believed to hold that dubious honor, according to The American Nurses Association.

Workplace injury can cause psychological damage in California

The human mind is deeply connected to the body. This means a physical workplace injury in California can sometimes affect a person's psychological health. In some cases, the mental effect of a workplace injury can become just as detrimental as the physical injury.

Health care workers more likely to experience workplace injury

Health care professionals are supposed to take care of those who are sick or injured. However, it turns out that health care staffers in California and other states may also need some care of their own. A study has recently revealed that health care staffers have an increased chance of experiencing workplace injury when compared to other professions.

Man dies in workplace injury at tire shop

When working in any type of automotive center, it is important to be fully aware of one's surroundings. Workers in these types of environments are regularly faced with various types of heavy machinery and dangerous materials, whether they are in California or in another state. Exposure to hazards obviously increases the chances of experiencing a workplace injury.

Workplace injury causes woman to sever four fingers

Every industry has its own rules and regulations designed to maintain a safe work environment. This is particularly important for workplaces in California or any other state where heavy machinery is regularly used. These safety requirements help keep workers from being seriously injured by the machinery, which can sometimes lead to disability, severed appendages or even death. Officials are now looking into a recent workplace injury that involved heavy machinery and resulted in one woman being seriously injured.

Workplace injury kills mother after short time on job

Everybody needs to start somewhere. At some point in a worker's career, he or she will be considered a beginner in one's trade. This initial phase is necessary for workers to grow their skills and experience in order to move forward. However, in many work environments, less experience means a higher chance of experiencing a workplace injury -- whether in California or another state.

OSHA tightens workplace injury reporting requirements

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tasked with developing rules and regulations aimed at ensuring workplace safety for employees. The U.S. Department of Labor's agency may at times feel it necessary to update existing rules when it feels that the current regulations do not properly protect workers in California or in any other state from risks of workplace injury. Some recently released statistics may have played a role in OSHA's most recent upgrade to its workplace safety rules.

Man wins benefits in court for workplace injury during kickball

In many ways, determining whether one is eligible for workers' compensation benefits is quite simple. If an individual has been injured during the course of employment, that person generally qualifies for workers' compensation, if applicable. However, there are times when it is not quite so clear whether an incident should be considered a workplace injury under the law in California or in any other state where a worker is hurt.

Mechanical lifts help reduce back, neck injuries among healthcare workers

Back and neck pain and injuries are a common occurrence in many work settings, but there are some professions where workers are particularly at risk. Hearing this, most people would tend to think of jobs in construction and the trades, but one of the most prominent settings for such injuries is in health care. This is particularly the case with workers in nursing and residential care.

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