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Audits point to faltering workers' compensation system

Readers may remember that former City Controller Wendy Greuel was critical of the workers’ compensation spending and policies of the City of Los Angeles after conducting a review last year. Well, that criticism was recently echoed in two recent audits led by current City Controller Ron Galperin.

OSHA increasingly targeting companies for failure to protect temp workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the federal agency responsible for enforcing workplace safety and health legislation, has been taking a harder line on companies and staffing agencies which utilize temporary workers. As we have mentioned before on this blog, temporary workers have come into more widespread use in recent years, and with that there has been an increasing concern about the risks these workers face because of their position in the workplace.

Truckers go on strike over misclassification

On Monday, roughly 120 truck drivers in Long Beach and Los Angeles went on strike in dispute of illegal worker misclassification. Worker misclassification refers to a situation where an employer classifies an employee as an independent contractor in order to deny them important benefits such as overtime, minimum wage, unemployment insurance and to avoid workers’ compensation premiums.

Number of workers obtaining long term disability coverage decreasing

Long term disability insurance is an important resource for workers to have in the event they become injured and unable to work for long periods of time. Such insurance can be purchased privately, but many employers either have it available from their employer automatically or have the ability to purchase it through an employer at a group discount.

Four workers injured in Foster City project were contractors

Earlier this week, four construction workers were injured in Foster City when the wood frame of a restaurant under construction partially collapsed and struck them. An investigation conducted after the incident showed that a truss had failed, though the cause of the truss failure is not yet known.

Lawmakers approve filing extension for workers' comp death benefits

Los Angeles readers who pay attention to issues concerning accidents at work may know that late last month, the California Senate approved a measure, which would provide more time for the families of deceased first responders to file for workers' compensation death benefits. Under the measure, the extension would apply to the families of workers who died from diseases connected to their work. The extention provides families 420 weeks from the date of injury, and up to one year from a work-related fatality.

Automotive factory cited after workers injured

Tesla Motors is reportedly facing nearly $90,000 in fines in connection with various safety violations concerning an accident that injured several people at its Fremont factor last year. The incident, which left workers with third-degree burns, occurred when a costing press broke down and spilled hot metal on the workers.

Back pain at work: make sure to report it

Back pain is ubiquitous in the United States, and most people--about 80 percent according to some estimates--end up complaining about such problems at some point in their lives. The discomfort can involve a variety of causes, though, so it isn't always an easy thing to treat. Sometimes stretching, massage, diet changes, exercise or a medical professional can help. In other cases, surgery and pain medication is used to manage the condition.

Circus workers injured in failed act

Circuses can be places of interesting performances and daring feats by very talented individuals. Like any other place of work and perhaps even more so, though, circuses can be subject to accidents and injuries, sometimes quite serious. A recent circus accident in Rhode Island illustrates this pretty well.

How to I obtain compensation as a temp worker?

The use of temporary workers in America, as our readers know, has increased significantly in recent years. At present, there are roughly 3 million temp employees in America, a 28 percent increase from 2010 to 2012. While this is a positive situation for employers, it generally isn't for provisional workers, who miss out on security and important benefits.

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