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February 2015 Archives

Man loses arm in workplace injury

There are some injuries in the workplace that are more gruesome than others. One of the most horrific workplace injuries is when a person loses an appendage. This can be particularly tragic since this type of injury will permanently affect every aspect of a victim's life. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened in a recent workplace injury that occurred outside the state of California that resulted in one worker being severely injured

Nurses at high risk for workplace injury

When most California residents think about high risk occupations, they imagine fields such as construction and manufacturing. While these can certainly be dangerous places of employment, research suggests that these types of jobs do not top the list in rates of workplace injury. Nursing is believed to hold that dubious honor, according to The American Nurses Association.

Construction workers' accidents: Man killed in crane accident

Many people in California are unaware of the number of risks they may face in their everyday lives. While some can take extra precautions to stay safe, a dangerous accident cannot always be anticipated or avoided. For example, thousands of workers face injury in construction workers' accidents every day they report to work. One out-of-state worker has recently been killed in such an accident involving a crane.

Workplace injury can cause psychological damage in California

The human mind is deeply connected to the body. This means a physical workplace injury in California can sometimes affect a person's psychological health. In some cases, the mental effect of a workplace injury can become just as detrimental as the physical injury.

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