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November 2014 Archives

Industrial accidents may happen at energy plants

Energy resources are important for any society, including here in the United States. In order for energy resources, such as fossil fuels, to be utilized in California or any other state, it is necessary to have industrial plants used to process the resources into usable forms. However, these industrial plants can also be prone to industrial accidents.

Industrial accidents always a risk in California

The industrial sector plays a vital role in society and in the nation's economy. California industrial workers help transform raw materials into products which people use on a daily basis across the state. However, working in the industrial sector does come with some significant risks due to the dangers that industrial workers are surrounded by everyday. In some cases, the presence of these dangers can result in industrial accidents that can cause injuries.

Elevator technicians have high risk of industrial accidents

There are certain professions that may involve inherent risks of injury. Many industrial workers face this situation on a daily basis. Even when workers take the necessary precautions, they can be injured or even killed in industrial accidents. Unfortunately, this is what recently happened to an elevator technician in Los Angeles, California.

Workplace injury causes woman to sever four fingers

Every industry has its own rules and regulations designed to maintain a safe work environment. This is particularly important for workplaces in California or any other state where heavy machinery is regularly used. These safety requirements help keep workers from being seriously injured by the machinery, which can sometimes lead to disability, severed appendages or even death. Officials are now looking into a recent workplace injury that involved heavy machinery and resulted in one woman being seriously injured.

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