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October 2014 Archives

Workplace injury kills mother after short time on job

Everybody needs to start somewhere. At some point in a worker's career, he or she will be considered a beginner in one's trade. This initial phase is necessary for workers to grow their skills and experience in order to move forward. However, in many work environments, less experience means a higher chance of experiencing a workplace injury -- whether in California or another state.

Construction workers' accidents can be unexpected

There are so many factors in life that are out of a person's control. This is definitely true while at the workplace in California or in any other state. This can be particularly dangerous for construction workers, since one can be so easily injured in construction workers' accidents. One construction worker was certainly surprised in a recent and unexpected accident that sent him to the hospital.

Fatal construction workers' accidents hard for work community

It is always sad when a long-time employee dies while on the job. When a worker has been with a company for a significant amount of time, he or she tends to have built a community around the workplace, in California or elsewhere. In these instances, construction workers' accidents can be an emotional loss for an employee's workplace community as well as his or her family.

Construction workers' accidents is daily danger for crews

California cities and towns require infrastructure to operate for the benefit of everybody. Of course, the infrastructure requires ongoing maintenance and updates. Construction workers are the backbone of those efforts. It is always tragic when reports of construction workers' accidents indicate that on-the-job injuries resulted in a loss of life.

Safety rules may prevent industrial accidents in California

Safety in any type of workplace should be a top priority for employers. However, this can be even more essential in industrial work environments in California or in any other state. Failure to adhere to safety standards can cause potential industrial accidents, which can lead to workers being injured or even killed. Work safety officials are now investigating a recent industrial accident to determine if any violations had occurred.

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