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June 2013 Archives

Temp workers suffer from lack of benefits as employers avoid burden of employment

An interesting article in the Huffington Post pointed out the plight of temporary workers in the U.S. economy. Many temp workers receive minimum wage, receive inadequate housing, eat out of food banks and utilize publicly funded health care. Most of these workers never receive benefits and have little to no opportunity to advance.

Bus drivers filing workers' compensation claims due to illness

As anyone who has ever taken public transportation knows, it can be difficult to keep the buses clean. Even if the vehicles are examined each night, it can still become a major problem. In the Los Angeles area, the Metropolitan Transit Authority has experienced an issue with some drivers becoming sick due to pesticides being used to kill bugs and insects on board.

Scrutiny over spinal implant surgery increases in California

Back pain and injury is often considered to be something that just happens as a person ages, something that most people will have to deal with at some point. Obviously, serious back pain can be a major disruption to one's life and work, and one's pocketbook as well. Each year, thousands of California workers injure their backs on the job and end up having to go through back surgery.

Woman files lawsuit in PA after collapse of building

A lawsuit stemming from a major construction accident out in Philadelphia was filed earlier this week. The woman who initiated the suit is one 14 people who were pulled out of the rubble of a four-story building that collapsed on June 5 on an adjacent thrift shop.

Cal. Assembly passes bill to protect car wash, polishing employees

California, as our Los Angeles readers may know, is a national leader in terms of the number of car washes and employees employed by car washes. According to estimate, there are over 1,600 car washes throughout the state that employ more than 22,000 people.

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